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Day 3, Off to Epcot!

Committing the park map to memory

Mission: Space just LOOKS cool

See? Best. Ride. Ever

Team #5 rules!

Gary Sinise trying to calm our fears before boarding the spaceflight to Mars

Didn't really work on Leslie...

But we survived and saw a stingray!

and a couple of his friends

Fishies accompaning lunch

Shark swimming with the fishies

Shark eying my sandwich

My food. Bad shark.

Lots of fishies

A gigantic sea turtle

the same turtle swimming around

The waitress didn't focus this very well

Leslie and I in Canada!

I swear, anything with water had change in it

Off to ESPN club to watch Michigan try and win the Brown Jug


Day 4, Animal Kingdom time!

can you tell which tree is the Tree of Life?

Mt. Everest off in the distance

There is a monkey swinging in this picture. Find it.

the Tree of Life with a bunch of animals carved into its trunk


We saw Hippos...

And Hippos butts...

and Gorillas...

and these brown zebra/antelope things...

and more Hippos (different ones)...

and in the grassland we saw...

big-horned cattle...

tiny deer/antelope thingys...

bigger antelope...


more Elephants (and baby elephant)...

and Giraffes! Pretty cool safari actually

You get so much food with the Disney Dining Plan. I felt very wasteful

I did this cool flipbook effect with these pictures but instead cropped it down to just one for the

Mt. Everest. Excellent ride.

Animal Kingdom closes early so back to Epcot for a couple rides! GM Test Track

and Soarin'

Then off to Magic Kingdom for the rest of the night

The photos from the boat didn't turn out all that well.

Trying to take a good self-photo

and then giving up and having a fellow passenger do it

Cinderella's castle at night

The start of the "Wishes" fireworks show.

More fireworks

This was all set to music and stories and whatnot.

Very impressive

starting the grand finale

I like this one a lot.



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