South Side Parade

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Whoa, hello bluryness. Take it again!


Lovin the bus ride

Also lovin the bus ride (doesn't really look like it though)

Even the back of my seat was lovin the bus ride

This guy? Pretty much lovin anything at 11am

The gauntlet to the keg at the back of the bus

Can you see the non-green shoe? Amy can't

Sumit, lovin irony

Lots of green people

Yes! Bagpipes!

Couldn't really get close though

Best part of the parade

Hold on, I take that back...

look at the guy in the pink car!

Instead of a Pot O Gold at the end of the rainbow, we got golden pizza at the end of the parade.


They had a soccer ball and goal on this float. I thought it was cool

Largest group of underage people I have seen since Freshman year of college

This guy was too cool not to photograph

I really hope he had an accent

That mountain dew looks really fizzy

This didn't quite turnout how I wanted, but oh well.


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