Seattle St Pattys

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Before this weekend, I had no idea that they made green Harp. This is fantastic!

You really should be watching the road

At the totems/thunderbirds game

FIIIGHT!!! You can see it a lot better on the jumbotron

I have heard stories about the Bad Boys of Cascade Ridge...

Jenny, Dan, and friends


Okay, is it the Seattle Totems or the Seattle Thunderbirds. It can't be both.

That one section of the crowd is really excited

Its chuck-a-puck time!!!

Quite possibly better than Score-o. And that is a bold statement.

This picture took a TON of planning :-)

Look! It's Cool Bird!

Camper, Cool Bird's huge nose, and Jenny

Jenny and Dan. Not blurry

Clearly blury. try it again

Okay, that is worse.

Getting better.

Good thing Jenny isn't a surgeon

Flash is the fix-all apparently. But it lost that pink hue

Much better



  • Aww, the beer is crying!
  • Myla looks like she is asleep. Seriously.

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