Kiawah Boat Trip

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Sunset at Poet's Cove

Leslie looking at harbor seals(?)

Leslie modeling her red sweatshirt

Sunset at Roche Harbor

After-sunset (but with a flash) at Roche Harbor

Huge boat. Really huge

Zoomed in shot so it seems even hugerer.

Leslie, Me, & The Beard on the bow

another bearded bow shot

Wasting time on the way back home.

Nautical terms lesson: Me on the bow

starboard side

port side

stern. Hooray,4 for 4!

Space needle on left + Seattle middle-left + 220 ft boat middle + Mt Rainer off in the distance on t

Leslie in her Cubs shirt drinking Margaritas

The boat

Poets Cove, CA (Canada, not California)

This would make sense if your watched Deadliest Catch (Discovery channel 9/8 central)


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