Baseball Tour Game 2

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Game 2, off to New York!

Sightseeing at the Brooklyn Bridge

Pictures at the Brooklyn Bridge

Bite to eat at Lombardi's

Instead of buying the T-Shirt, I take pictures of it.

Off to game #2 (game #3 for James)

That is Yankee Stadium. Seriously, it is.

James and Amy at Leroy's Pro Shop (its a bar too)

All Star Game 2006 was in PITTSBURGH!

Mmmm, Hot Dog...

James, Amy, and some NY dude

Nick and Amy

Yankee stadium. Not very impressive

The Rocket pitching

The cranes are building new Yankee Stadium.

Met fan getting heckled

And another one.

Night time in Yankee Stadium.

Mets Win!

Go Mets!

Team photo #1

Dancing to New York, New York

Booooo Yankees

The outside, at night.


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And they gave me a certificate for it that is sooo awesome!!
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