US v Brazil

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US warming up

A little 5v2 action for Brazil

Beer, chili-cheese dogs, and internation soccer -- the American Dream

Good call on getting shade for this game Gunz


More US warm-ups

Trying to get a picture of the huge Brazil flag but it didn't turn out so well. START THE GAME ALRE

Here we go...

Hmm, so maybe the shade wasn't so great in this particular instance

yea, bad call.

The US squad

The Brazil squad (plus ref's)

Sam's Army is awesome

Landon didn't want me to take this picture apparently

Almost kickoff...


Ronaldinho is good

Sarah made it just in time!

Seriously, he's good.

Timmy Howard making a clutch save

Corner for the US

Another corner for the US

ANOTHER corner for the US. We really took it to them for most of this game

Then Brazil started playing

Howard making another good save. He was clutch.

Too bad Howard's save goes off Gooch and in the net.

Aaaand, another US corner

2nd half!

Howard got hurt so Brazil started juggling to kill some time

Action shot

Free kick goal by Ronaldinho. Did I mention he's good?

Another action shot

Brazil was just toying with us by this point

Last-ditch effort for the US

Game Over. We lost but a good showing overall. Go USA!


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