Kiawah Island

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the moon was lighting up the ground and it looked really cool so I tried to take a picture of it fro

Kiawah Island! Yay!

Pictures by the beach

Apparently not impressed with this picture

Staged? Yes. Awesome? You bet.

Sunset at Kiawah

Leslie and Jenny biking down the beach

catching up to Leslie and Jenny biking down the beach

Jenny and Leslie not watching where they are going and probably running over horseshoe crabs on the

Chilling with Mr. Simmons 1/2 head over my shoulder

Jenny and Propel

What would a photo album be without a self-portrait?

laughing? Who knows. The house was amazing though.

wow, seriously, what is up with my hair?

Leslie driving me to the airport

Leslie making a point of getting there quickly.


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Circle of death! "team unity circle" according to richrod
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