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Our home for the weekend

Checking the powder levels before heading out. Its DEEP.

Struggling through all the powder

Nate and Benson covered in Champagne Powder

Tom taking a break

Hooray! Snow!

Freaking out in the trees

View of Yampa Valley from the Gondola

Looking the other way, from the Gondola

"Say car RamRod!"

Even more champagne powder on day 2

Jimmy, loving the snow

Nate, probably texting Carly or something

Benson and trees

Jimmy, Benson, and Gunz

Lots of snow in the chutes

even more snow

Touhey and his snowtee

playing quarters with a dime and a wine bottle

spirit fingers in support of Benson

taking a break

Off to Tugboat

BP toast

Go Tigers

Me, Jimmy, Nate, Coors

Benson and his broom

Probably should have deleted this but his face is priceless


It tastes so goooood

Psyching himself up, I guess

shot sequence... pic 1

pic 2

pic 3

pic 4

pic 5


Bored in the airport

Gunz drinking beer, through beer

On top of the mountain

On top of the gondola

all the snow in the parking lot

I have no idea how the bug made it through all the snow


Our townhome, practically buried in snow


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Yay New Years! Nice way 2 totally ROCK our! What was that thing u were doing with the cups on the table? I am curious lol
-- Lauren to Billy

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