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Welcome to Wisconsin!

Welcome to Minnesota!

Welcome to North Dakota!

Chugging along in ND

Welcome to Montana! (watch out for the bump)

Rocks in Montana

Rocks, trees, and snow in Montana

Huge rock in Montana

Dirty windshield, in Montana

A white minivan messing up the scenic backdrop

Much better

more Montana scenery

some horses and snow

Heading to Butte!

Coming up on Western Montana

Man, this state is really wide

More mountains

Speeding past a semi

Watching a semi speed past

Tracking our progress through Missoula online

Welcome to Idaho! (Trust me, the sign is behind the giant snow bank)

Sunset of the Idaho peaks

a little bit darker now...

REALLY dark now

Welcome to Washington! Note: it is pretty hard to take pictures of small road signs while driving 7

Sightseeing at The Gorge

Cool scenery

The Wanapums, Star Wars style

The bridge we are about to cross

I once caught a fish thiiiiiis big

First view of Mt. Rainier

A piece of straw that was stuck to the antenna for a really long time

Taking pictures for Leslie

The group at the waterfront in Seattle

Pike Place Market at sunset


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