Mariners vs Tigers

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Leslie, looking very Michigandery in her Moosejaw t-shirt

Always fun to make to the park for batting practice

Deciding what food we want delivered

The menu

The view from our seats

Hooray Terrace Club seats!

Guillen taking some BP

Thames knocking some balls out


The innards of the Terrace Club

Go Tigers!

Tigers v Mariners

Getting the scorecard ready

The view, again but with less sun

Tigeres lineup

The Olde English D

Sneaking in pictures during the national anthem. Play Ball already!

Andy Van Slyke distracting Granderson while he steals his wallet

The Pistons, losing game 5


The Tigers and their amazing first inning (and not-so-amazing 2nd inning)

Thank you! We feel so welcome!

The view at sunset

Zoomed in shot of the needle

Safeco at night

Trying for a self photo

Taking more pictures of the view



Leslie, watching her hopes for a Mariners victory dwindle away

Tigers Win! Tigers Win!


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