July 4, 2008

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Starting off the day at 499ft

Rob hiding in the trees

Some cool scenary shots

more of a rocky scenary shot

My new desktop wallpaper

way to blend in with your green shirt

look closely and you will see a bunch of rock climbers

better shot of one of the climbers

Rob blending in with the trees again

lots o moss (with flash)

lots o moss (no flash)

getting close to the top. And the fog

misty mountain through the trees

shot from the (almost) top looking at Mt Si

Looking up at Mt. Si

Rob next to Mt. Si

Ooh, better picture of Rob next to Mt. Si

Me and Mt. Si

Closer cropping of Mt. Si and I

my "conquering" pose

Another shot at the millions of trees

Rob ducking under the clouds

Rob trying to figure out where we parked

View of the valley

Watching the rain storms

And we made it to the top. Just over an hour too!

A bush among trees

Rob, happy to be at the top

I'd guess there are 472,436 trees in this photo

random couple with their cute dog

coming back down the trail

Almost hitting an elk with the car

lucky elk. Lucky car too.

My 437th picture of Snoqualmie Falls


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